Why do Couples Counseling?


I believe that love and relationship is the cornerstone of a happy and fulfilling life. Despite the stresses and difficulties that we face in life, it is possible to maintain a deeply connected, committed, and positive loving relationship over a lifetime. Yet, very few of us have learned the skills that enable us to do this. Couples seek out therapy when their relationships cause more pain than satisfaction and when they find themselves stuck in destructive patterns that feel intractable. As an EFT and Imago trained couples therapist, I know that at our core we want connection more than anything else, and by teaching you how to develop, grow, and deepen that connection with your partner, you can solve almost any problem and have the nurturing, supportive, and deep love that you deserve and desire. You can be “in love” for a lifetime and enjoy each other, too! For a free consultation fill out the form below.


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